A PVC rigidcore / Spc floor combines all the advantages of laminate, PVC or ceramic floors in one. These advantages are due to the different layers that make up a matteo studio floor plank:

1. UV coating layer (thick wearing layer) of 0.55 mm;
2. Top layer (decor); this determines the appearance (color of wood);
3. Limestone layer (core of the shelf);
4. IXPE layer (subfloor).

The limestone core is the element that gives the floor its sustainable character. This core gives the planks strength and also the impressive weight of approximately 10 kg per square meter. A patented click system has been incorporated into the limestone (the so-called Uniclic connection). This system makes installing the floors very user-friendly. This connection also prevents the planks from coming loose after (long-term) use.

The IXPE layer is 1 mm thick. The floor on which this IXPE layer will be laid must be smooth and free of imperfections. This way you get the best and most sustainable result. It is possible to lay the floor directly on (levelled) anhydrite or a cement screed.

Why you choose a PVC rigidcore / SPC floor:

100% water resistant
Leaks or moisture problems do not affect your floor and this means that you can install them with peace of mind in moisture-rich environments such as your kitchen or bathroom.

The floors can withstand extensive use without any (permanent) damage being visible.

Underfloor heating
Because the floor largely consists of stone, heat conduction is very good.

Structured top layer
Because the floor has a light structure due to the anti-slip top layer, it can also be safely installed in the bathroom and there is little chance of slipping.

Cleaning friendly
A glass of red wine? Children drawing on the floor? All easy to remove and clean.

The floor is well suited for pets due to the extremely strong top layer.

No toxins
No toxic substances such as benzene, formaldehyde or heavy metals are used in production.

Not only does the floor last (guaranteed) for years, the floor layers can also be reused separately.

Noise reduction 21dB
The lime layer of the floor combined with the IXPE underlay ensures minimal noise when using the floor.

Dimensionally stable and fire resistant
Due to the composition of the SPC floor, it cannot expand or shrink and cannot catch fire (unlike wooden floors).

ISO certified
The floors have been extensively tested and have CE, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

Easy to install yourself thanks to the patented Uniclic connection.

calm oak click PVC herringbone

Pleasant warm shade

With the installation of our popular Calm Oak Click PVC floor, the space comes to life. This floor combines the luxurious look of oak with the practical convenience of PVC. The result is a durable, easy-to-maintain floor that is not only beautiful to look at, but also comfortable to live on.

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